Transitional Housing

From Living on the Streets to Self Sufficiency

PiN's Transitional Housing


At PiN, we have created a transitional housing program that takes the homeless from living on the streets to self-sufficiency. Our housing program isn’t just about a place to live; we have created a job training program called ChangeMakers which creates structure and accountability.

In addition, PiN collaborates with the City of Virginia Beach and other community partners to facilitate various housing programs and Winter Shelter.

Life Skills

We require alot of our residents, but also offer support to guide them along the way. Residents are required to be a part of our job training program, work a job, save 70% of their earnings for their first rent out on their own, attend PiN functions, and volunteer. Many of the homeless have spent years and years without using these life skills, but we believe that our housing program – joined with our job training program – will help them along their path.

You can help PiN continue providing transitional housing to the homeless with a donation today!