Medical Outreach

Provided in PiN’s Brand New Medical Clinic!

We’re pleased to announce that we now offer physical therapy services and telehealth visits at our new PiN Medical Clinic.

Basic First-Aid

PiN has volunteer medical professionals who offer basic first aid for the homeless of our community. First aid is important for the homeless because they don’t have access to a medicine cabinet like most households. Our medical volunteers tend to bumps and bruises that come with life on the street.

The homeless meet with a nurse or doctor in our newly expanded medical clinic to treat minor illnesses. We have the means to provide help for acute illnesses (such as colds) and can provide, in most cases, free prescriptions for antibiotics and other non-narcotic or non-psychotic medications. When a patient presents an illness or condition that our PiN clinic cannot easily resolve, PiN provides a referral.

Preventative Medicine

One of the most important ways PiN helps the homeless is through preventative medicine. PiN’s medical staff does a great job of educating the homeless on hypertension, women’s health, proper diet, and providing cancer and diabetes screenings. 

Behavioral Services

PiN participates in the behavioral health program known as PATH, Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness.  The program provides outreach and assistance to adults with serious mental illness who are experiencing homelessness.

Labs and Screenings

On Wednesdays, PiN offers various lab services, to include: H.I.V. screenings, Sentara lab services and vaccinations for the homeless.

You can help PiN provide medical care to people in need by donating today!